Exploring iPhone 16’s Anticipated New Features The iPhone 16 is going to bring some notable changes to the lineup.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple is expected to increase the size of the Pro version to 6.3 inches, with the iPhone Pro Max coming in at 6.9 inches. The size for the standard iPhone 16 model is 6.1 inches.

Size Changes for the New iPhone 16 Model

Both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max have a larger body. Both models are taller and wider than previous models, with the thickness and general shape remaining the same. Gaming on mobile device is easier with a bigger screen, as colors pop more and graphics are easier to see. The bigger screen also supports a solid refresh rate of 60hz. When playing mobile games, this translates to more fluid animations, along with lag reduction. When deciding between the latest models, from a gaming perspective, 6.3 inches would be more suited to those playing the latest titles. A smaller screen on the other hand would be more suited to phone calls, texting, and general business.

A New A-Series Chipset

Apple has announced that they are designing a new A-series chipset for the iPhone 16 lineup as well. This is going to be built on the N3E-nanometer node. Improvements could be seen in performance, but announcements regarding this are yet to be made. iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 could have very different chips, with the higher-specification chip being used in the more expensive device. The action button is also being expanded to all four models for 2024, whereas last year, the action button was limited to iPhone 15 Pro models only. The new capture button is highly anticipated, as it can take photos and videos. The capture button functions as a digital camera, detecting levels of pressure before focusing and then capturing the image.


For iPhone 16 models, Apple plans to adopt a vertical camera lens. This is a departure from the diagonal setup. The brand-new orientation allows the iPhone 16 model to capture Spatial Video. Once spatial video is enabled within the settings tab, users can leverage advanced camera features. This includes capturing moments in three dimensions. Spatial video is captured in 1080p and at 30 frames per second.

With the camera app open, the iPhone can be rotated to reveal the spatial video icon. The iPhone then records from the advanced main and ultra-wide camera, scaling the field of view before saving both files in a single video.

Lock Screen Enhancements

With the iPhone 16, you’ll be able to make the lock screen your own, browsing a gallery of different options, including a stylized view of the time and date. Apple has announced that to change the lock screen throughout the day, you just need to touch and hold it.

Other features include having photos shuffle automatically on the lock screen. The cadence can be set for how often the lock screen should update, with the option to let the IOS choose photos based on intelligent algorithms. With the camera being such a main focus for the new release, it’s not surprising to see many new photo features added.

Styles can also be adopted, including changing the color filtering, tinting and even font style so that everything complements each other.  The Live Activities API is also a popular feature, with the option to follow sports games or track the progress of your ride at a glance. Although this feature is available on all iPhones with a dynamic island, the feature has been improved to ensure that it aligns with the new core features of the iPhone 16.

Other features include advanced videography, with HEVC compression. HVEC compression is more efficient than H. 264 and JPEG, using less storage space while preserving video quality.

Apple is also bringing back the optimal zoom lens Tetraprism 5x to the Pro version, so this year, it might not be limited to Pro Max models. The Tetraprism 5x allows users to adopt a close-focus distance of only 3cm, so you can capture footage up close without experiencing blur or reduced photo quality.

The color choices available include new and eye-catching tones. This includes Cement Gray and Desert Yellow. Desert Titanium is an updated version of the gold iPhone 14 Pro, with the new version having brighter undertones for a sleeker appearance.

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