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Facebook App Removal Said to Save 15% of iPhone Battery Life

Uninstall the Facebook app and enjoy a boost of up to 15% in your iPhone’s battery life. That’s what a tech writer has claimed, following an experiment and other users’ corroboration of his findings.

The writer, Samuel Gibbs, wrote for The Guardian that he made this discovery after removing the main Facebook app on his iPhone 6S Plus and routinely accessing the social media site through Safari instead. For a week, he recorded his device’s battery life at the same time daily, before comparing the numbers to a daily average in a week when the app was installed.

To help single out the Facebook app as the issue, Gibbs used the Facebook site for the same purposes and duration of time as he had used the app. Furthermore, the Facebook Messenger app was left installed during the whole study. The 15% is the average amount of battery life he saved by 10.30pm each day. A Facebook spokesperson has said that the company will look into the matter.

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