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Facebook Boss Mark Zuckerberg Announces Free Internet for Pakistan

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that many people in Pakistan can now benefit from free access to the Internet through his social media company’s initiative Zuckerberg has proudly dubbed, which has previously been launched in nearby India and Bangladesh, “another step towards connecting the world”. is intended for provision of free Internet access in developing countries. Zuckerberg pointed out that “the Internet brings access to jobs, education and health information, and valuable communication tools”. He also noted the revelation from research that “for every 10 people who gain access to the Internet, at least one person is lifted out of poverty”.

Zuckerberg also expressed enthusiasm about the future of in a world where billions of people still lack access to the Internet. He declared: “One day, we will connect everyone, and the power of the Internet will serve every community across the world. That day is coming.”

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