Facebook Introduces “Caller ID” Feature For Messenger App

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Globally, there are now 500 million people who use Facebook’s Messenger app, which makes it easier for users of one of the world’s most popular social networking websites to contact each other when out and about. Very soon, many of these people will have access to a new feature that will provide them with more information about whoever is attempting to chat with them through Messenger.

This new feature, which press outlets have dubbed a “Caller ID” feature, will enable the app to display various details about a person who sends the app user a message. Though these details could include the person’s job title and current city of residence, crucially, these details will be only what the message-sender has previously agreed to publicly share.

The “Caller ID” feature will be initially made available to iOS and Android device users in the UK, France, India and over here in the United States. We reckon that it is likely to reassure many people who like Messenger, but also like to know more about a stranger before they consider whether to reply to one of their messages sent through the app.

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