Facebook launches new Apple Watch app called Kit

Facebook has launched a new app called Kit (Keep in Touch) for the Apple Watch.

The company is encouraging users to download the app and scan a QR code on their Apple Watches; after that, they’ll be able to message contacts without needing to use their iPhone.

Users can send their friends voice messages, information on their precise location, and emoji from the Apple Watch interface, without having to interact with their smartphones.

The app also includes a speech-to-text feature so users can respond to longer messages, and the Scribble function is also available for times when you want to send a precise message.

The app works in a similar way to iMessages on the Apple Watch, but of course, all of the chats happen inside of the Facebook Messenger ecosystem.

The main benefit of Kit over iMessage and other messaging apps is that it can be downloaded and used without needing a companion iPhone app, but with most consumers now working from home, this is not a real issue.

Kit was developed by the company’s NPE Team, which is short for New Product Experimentation.

The idea behind the scheme is to launch small, lightweight and focused apps to work out what features people would find useful, before expanding upon them or baking some of the features into the core Facebook experience.

This means most apps are removed from the App Store after a year or so due to low adoption or lack of major updates.

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