Facebook launches Pinterest competitor Hobbi

Facebook has launched a new Pinterest-inspired app called Hobbi.

The app is designed to let users document their projects and hobbies in one, easy-to-use space, and has more than a few similarities to the popular mood board app Pinterest.

As first reported by TechCrunch, the Hobbi “app is designed to help hobbyists organize photos of their own projects into themed collections — like gardening, cooking, arts & crafts, décor and more.

“The idea is to track the progress you’re making over time.”

Unlike many of Facebook’s other apps and Pinterest, Hobbi does not have a social networking component as of yet.

Instead, the app is a personal space to organize hobbies and ideas, and though you can create video highlight reels to share on other platforms, the main purpose of the app is to serve as a personal scrapbook and way to preserve memories.

According to The Information, the new app was built by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team.

“Hobbi was made by a skunkworks team within Facebook called New Product Experimentation, which is tasked with inventing new social and related services to either function as standalone apps or be folded into the company’s already-established products,” the organization said.

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