Facebook Messenger App Now in Beta for Windows 10 Mobile

While Windows 10 Mobile is, like its predecessors, far behind iOS and Android with the number and choice of apps it offers, at least one big name piece of software has just been released for the platform: Facebook Messenger. There are, however, quite a few “ifs” and “buts” to take account of here…

The good news from MSPoweruser is that, with the app being a port of the iOS version, almost all of that version’s features – including support for push notifications, groups, GIFs, stickers and nicknames – have made it into the Windows 10 Mobile version. Live tile support is another bonus.

The bad news is that the app currently remains in the beta stage, meaning that its stability could be left wanting. Furthermore, it looks like it probably has yet to roll out to every major territory. Therefore, to get it onto your Windows 10 Mobile device, you might have to either wait for Facebook to release it in your area or, as Neowin advises, temporarily change your Windows Store account’s region.

However you download the Facebook Messenger app, it’s now free for both desktop and mobile Windows 10 from the Windows Store.

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