Facebook Opens New Office in Malaysia in Southeast Asia

Facebook Opens New Office in Malaysia in Southeast Asia
Credit: Gigaom

Today, Facebook announced that it has just opened another office – this time in the Southeast Asia country Malaysia. The new office will help Facebook to connect with businesses in the country.

The announcement was made by Facebook’s Asia-Pacific vice president Dan Neary, who revealed that 18 million Malaysians are using the social media site on a monthly basis. That number, he added, is an impressive 81% of all of the country’s Internet base.

Malaysians appear to have taken especially keenly to Facebook; according to Mashable, they have 60% more Facebook friends than the global average number, and are ranked tenth internationally for the greatest number of friends on the social media site.

Neary has enthused that Malaysia is “one of the leaders in digital adoption and innovation across Southeast Asia”, noting the particularly high levels of mobile penetration and smartphone usage. Malaysia’s digital transformation has “positively impacted both people and businesses”, he added.

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