Facebook readying release of smartwatch

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Facebook is reportedly readying the release of its own smartwatch to compete with Apple.

The company has been developing a new wearable device that’s focused on messaging and health, according to The Information, with Facebook’s services such as Messenger and WhatsApp planning to be deeply integrated into the device without the need for a phone.

Facebook Watch will also come with a range of health tracking capabilities such as the ability to log workouts, share updates on your progress with friends, and communicate with personal trainers. Partnerships with brands such as Peloton are also set to be agreed upon.

It’s believed that the new smartwatch will run on Android Wear and that Facebook will sell the new product at close to cost price, designed to boost sales and become a dominant force in the market. It’s likely that the watch will range anywhere from $150 and $300, which would undercut Apple Watch and allow the company to grow market share around the world.

Though Facebook already sells consumer electronics in the form of the Oculus VR headset and the Portal camera and tablet range, this would be the first major release from the company and could unlock a new revenue stream for Facebook as it struggles with lawsuits and changes to data regulations, including Apple’s upcoming iOS 14.5 app tracking feature.

According to the report, Facebook will begin selling its smartwatch next year and will follow up with a second-generation the year after. Development is ‘far along’ on the device, but until it’s officially launched, there’s every possibility that the concept will be scrapped or replaced.

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