Facebook Restores BlackBerry Support with New Web-Based App

BlackBerry Announces That It Will Stop Making Its Own Phones

Shortly after deciding to drop support for BlackBerry’s languishing mobile platforms, Facebook has done an about-face and introduced an updated web-based app for use on BlackBerry 10 and BBOS.

Facebook’s original decision wasn’t too surprising, given research firm Gartner’s report, back in February, that former giant BlackBerry’s smartphone market share globally was a mere 0.2%. Nonetheless, BlackBerry said that it was “extremely disappointed” by Facebook’s decision to drop this support.

BlackBerry has now announced a solution, having “worked hard with Facebook to address some technical challenges”. The web-based app replaces the native app for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS; to transition to the app once the native app stops working on March 31, each user has to head to BlackBerry World on their device and update the Facebook app using the relevant link for their platform.

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