Facebook Showcases 1 Billion Users Each Month

We all know that Facebook has been struggling a little since it decided to share its company publicly. But interesting news straight from CEO Mark Zuckerburg suggests that maybe Facebook isn’t doing as bad as everyone assumes. According to the young business leader, the social media site has seen a massive growth in user subscriptions since its creation. In a Facebook post, directly from his personal account, Mark Zuckerburg expressed that the company has reached 1 billion active users each month.

This comes as great news to stockholders who purchased Facebook stock in the hopes that the company would have a serious surge. But it still isn’t enough to push the current stock price past its original opening cost. Back when Facebook went on sale, each share was estimated at USD $38.00 per share. The recent news regarding the company’s user base helped the current stock price rise, but only by 45 cents, bringing it to an approximate value of only USD $21.83.

Many speculate that the stocks instability is due to glaring questions surrounding Mark Zuckerburg’s ability to lead such a large company. But the CEO has been dismissing these stabs at his credibility and is instead focusing heavily on the future of the social media site. He even commented on the current state of the company to the Today Show, remarking; “We’re in a tough cycle now and that doesn’t help morale, but people are focused on what they’re building. I take this responsibility very seriously.”

Zuckerburg also spoke briefly about the future of Facebook, stating that the company would be focusing heavily on the “mobile aspect” of their design, which is something that fans have been calling for for some time.

But even with all of this recent success and change of pace, does the revelation of a new and improved Myspace threaten to derail Facebook entirely? The social media site is already struggling in the shareholder world, and there is no guarantee that Facebook will keep its current user base if Myspace presents itself with more to offer. It will be interesting to see what future developments Facebook has in store and if they can manage to cash in on the mobile aspect of things. However, the group will be entering the race a little late, and it’s possible that that aspect will cause them problems down the road.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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