Facebook tests Snapchat-clone feature ‘Streaks’ for Messenger

Facebook is cloning another of Snapchat’s most popular features by introducing Streaks.

The new feature is designed to “keep your streak going” when you message friends, with an emoji status now shown to indicate when friends are currently on a streak.

Speaking to Mashable, a spokesperson for Messenger said that the new streaks feature was designed to let users “see fun facts about the people [they] message with”.

“For example, a lightning bolt may appear next to the name of a person you’ve messaged with for at least three days in a row, and a counter will indicate how many consecutive days you’ve been chatting. We’re interested to see if people enjoy this insight, but we don’t have any additional information to share at this time.”

Streaks are one of the most popular features in Snapchat, with many users seeing them as a fun and engaging way to communicate with friends. But will the trend catch on with the Facebook Messenger demographic, or will this roll-out be kept for millennials?

What are your thoughts on Messenger streaks? Do you have access to the beta yet? Let us know your thoughts on @AppleMagazine, and check back soon for the latest updates.

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