Facebook to reinstate voice calling on main app

Facebook has confirmed plans to bring voice calling back to its main iOS app.

The company launched a standalone Messenger app back in 2014, designed to encourage consumers to make the switch and separate the core Facebook social networking experience from its messaging arm, Messenger, but now it appears to be backtracking on the plan.

The company has said that it will bring voice and video calling back into the core Facebook app later this year.

In select countries, including the United States, Facebook will allow users to place voice and video calls from within the Facebook app. It’s part of a new test, and it’s important to mention that messaging will still only be available inside Messenger.

Facebook reportedly wants to streamline its user experience and reduce hurdles that are faced by some inexperienced users.

In 2019, Facebook confirmed its intentions to combine Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, allowing users to send a message on one platform and have a contact receive it on another. The plan received overwhelming criticism from governments and consumers, who say that bringing together the messaging and social networking apps was bad for competition and would lead to increased data sharing.

Are you pleased to hear that some core features are coming back to Facebook? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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