Facebook Tops List of Most Popular Mobile Apps in US in 2015

The Facebook mobile app is in premier position in a new list, put together by research company Nielsen, of the most popular mobile apps in the United States between January and October this year.

The list, which ranks the popularity of various mobile apps through recording the average monthly number of unique users of each of the apps during this period, reports that this number reached 126.7 million for the Facebook app.

This meant that the app had attracted an 8% higher number of unique users since 2014 – and the good news didn’t end there for the social media site. Its Messenger app made third place in the list, with a number of users that had grown by a monster 31% since last year.

Two Apple apps – Apple Music and Apple Maps – also snuck into the top ten. Their respective positions of ninth and tenth are impressive given that, during the period under study, both apps were, on the mobile platform, exclusive to Apple devices.

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