Facebook Users Can Now Add Lightsabers to Profile Pictures

If you’re among the millions of Facebook users eagerly anticipating the theatrical opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week, you now have the option of adding a lightsaber to your avatar on the social network. You can even choose to join the Dark Side…

To add a lightsaber to your profile picture, start by heading to either the above-pictured post on the Star Wars Movies page or a status update indicating that a friend has added a lightsaber to their own profile picture. You should see a ‘Try It’ button; click on it and then choose either a red or blue lightsaber to place over your image. Here, you can also alter or replace the image for a better fit.

Then, choose for how long you would like that lightsaber to stay in the picture. Admittedly, your Facebook friends might be distraught if you choose a red lightsaber, wielded in the films by members of the Dark Side, and then select ‘Never’ – but, still, if you do want to permanently join the Sith’s ranks…

Finally, click ‘Use as profile picture’ and that lightsaber will be added to your Facebook avatar.

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