FaceTime on Apple TV Gets Live Captions Upgrade in tvOS 18 The tvOS 18 update brings a significant improvement to FaceTime on Apple TV 4K with the introduction of Live Captions, enhancing accessibility and usability.

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Last year’s tvOS 17 update introduced FaceTime support on the Apple TV 4K, allowing users to make FaceTime calls using the largest screen in their home. Now, tvOS 18 is set to enhance this feature with the addition of Live Captions, a key upgrade that will make FaceTime even more accessible and user-friendly.

FaceTime Live Captions

Apple is bringing Live Captions to FaceTime on the Apple TV 4K. This means that everything said during a FaceTime call can be displayed as a live, running transcript on the user’s TV screen.

This feature will be particularly useful for individuals who are hard of hearing or deaf, making FaceTime calls more inclusive for everyone in the household.

In mixed households, where some members may have difficulty hearing, Live Captions can be a valuable tool to ensure everyone can participate fully in conversations. Additionally, this feature can enhance the overall FaceTime experience for any user by taking advantage of the TV’s large display for clearer communication.

Live Captions for FaceTime are also coming to the Vision Pro with the release of visionOS 2, indicating Apple’s broader commitment to accessibility across its devices.

Supported Devices & Territories

Due to the processing power required to support Live Captions, this feature will only be available on the second-generation Apple TV 4K and later models.

Older Apple TV models will not support Live Captions. Initially, the feature will be available only in English and will be limited to users in the U.S. and Canada. However, Apple plans to expand Live Captions to additional languages and regions in the future.

FaceTime | tvOS
tvOS-17 | FaceTime

This update underscores Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility, ensuring that more users can enjoy and benefit from the technology. With the addition of Live Captions, FaceTime on Apple TV 4K becomes a more powerful tool for home and business communication, catering to a wider range of needs and preferences.

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