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Fan-Created Legacy World of Warcraft Server To Launch

World of Warcraft will see the return of it’s highly popular legacy server that will allow players to experience the game as it was 10 years ago, without the expansion packs or added content currently available.

This comes after Blizzard made the unpopular decision to close the already existing legacy serve ‘Nostalrius’, threatening legal action against the administrators of the server.

The server had such a big fan following because it appealed to the disgruntled long-time fans of World of Warcraft who felt that the expansions had ruined the game that they once loved.

The outcry against the shutdown caused Blizzard to rethink their strategy and announce that they’re planning to create legacy support for World of Warcraft.

Despite this announcement, fans have already created a new legacy server derived from the code that was used for Nostalrius. The new server will be called Elysium and will be available to play on from 17th December.

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