The super fast electric concept car was unveiled on stage at the CES conference in Las Vegas with live demonstrations of the car in action with nobody sitting behind the wheel.

The car is electric and operates with 1,050 horsepower, plus it can apparently go from 0 – 60MPH in just 2.39 seconds, putting it ahead of competitor Tesla’s Model S P100D concept car, which reaches the same speed in 2.5 seconds.

A live video showed the concept car parking itself in a lot outside of the Las Vegas convention center before it was unveiled on the main stage for the audience to see.

There was some embarrassment when Jia Yueting, the founder of LeEco and the main investor for Faraday Future, pushed the button that prompted the car to park itself and the audience watched with bated breath as – nothing happened.

Eventually, the car decided to inch forward on stage, but by that time the damage had already been done. On the bright side, this hiccup debunks any form of remote controlling.

Malfunctions on stage are commonplace, and Murphy’s Law dictates that, yes, of course everything is going to go wrong at the worst possible time, but the power and capabilities displayed by this car are very promising.