Features of a good marketing strategy for Instagram


Are you tired of spending tons of money on traditional marketing and not getting much from it? Have you tried marketing your brand or business on social media but are unsure how to go about making a good marketing strategy?

These days, most businesses are straying away from the world of traditional marketing and making their way over to the new trend of social media marketing. Not only are they doing it because of the fact that it doesn’t really cost much, but also because of the massive reach that all these social media platforms allow businesses to have. These days there are many different social media platforms and growth services that businesses are using, and one of the most popular is Task Ant. Most, if not all brands have a marketing strategy in place to make sure they get the most out of their Instagram account. If you want to develop a strategy for your brand or business, these are the features of a good marketing strategy for Instagram.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the first steps to take when creating a good marketing strategy to grow your Instagram account. This is so important because it allows you to work around that to make the perfect type of content, use the most accurate and applicable hashtags in order to reach a said audience. 

Hashtags are the most misunderstood and under-utilized tool that Instagram has to offer and they are a fantastic way to reach your target audience directly, especially if they don’t follow you. By knowing your audience, you can create the right kind of content for them, and with the right content you can choose the best hashtag, and with the best hashtag, you ultimately reach the biggest group of your target audience as possible or even allow them to search for you without even knowing it. 

Do work outside of Instagram

While posting constantly on Instagram is great and engaging with your followers is a fantastic thing to be doing, there are also a lot of things you should be doing outside of Instagram in order to keep the ball rolling. 

For example, if customers are interested in your brand you could send them emails a few times a month keeping them updated with everything that is new to your brand or business. You could also encourage people to want to be part of this mailing list by offering them exclusive promotions and discounts.

Work that can be done outside of Instagram can be very helpful for your Instagram, like putting an Instagram logo somewhere on your website to let people know that they can find you there too. You could also organize giveaways in which people have to follow you on multiple platforms in order to be eligible to win. This will encourage your follower count to grow across the board.

Know the types of posts

Over the years Instagram has developed so many different ways for you to present your content because they understood that just looking at pictures gets a bit boring after a few minutes. Now they allow you to post stories, which can be comparable to that of Snapchat videos. On top of that, they have a section called Instagram TV where you can post videos that are over 1 minute long. You can choose to watch from different users and is similar to that of YouTube. 

Next up is the live video function. This is a fantastic way to left followers into your personal life and makes a more meaningful connection with them through a live video feed. Lastly, the newest function that Instagram has added is ‘Reels’. Similar to TikTok, here you can post short-form videos that are less than 30 seconds long. By making use of all these different features, you can post multiple times a day making your content more likely to be seen. 

Understand your objectives 

If you really want to make a successful marketing campaign, then is it crucial for you to know and fully understand your objectives. This is so important when it comes down to marketing your company because you don’t want to waste time, money, and precious resources.

Start off by writing a list of objectives or goals you are aiming to hit through this kind of marketing such as business growth, loyal customer base, follower growth, better engagement, and so on. These will differ from business to business but will help guide you to create the best and most appropriate content for your brand. 

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