Find My iPhone Update Error

imageAccidents happen:  students forget their homework at home, businessmen leave their briefcases on the subway, and in the midst of everyday chaos the majority of us lose our cell phones at least once.  Find My iPhone is one of the best existing apps for recovering misplaced gadgets.  Using any other iOS device or Mac, users can log in with their Apple ID to locate and protect data on their lost iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac.  Considering the importance of the app’s purpose, it’s no wonder that yesterday’s ordeal with the Find My iPhone update exasperated many users.

For a short period of time, consumers who updated to the new version of Find My iPhone were met with an error message.  The one feature of the update that they had access to was the iOS 7-style icon on the log-in page.  Developers with the iOS 7 beta were the only users able to access the app.  One source says that “the newest version of Find My iPhone may have been released prematurely.”  An alternative reason for the error could be that the update, “intended only for developers,” was accidentally released to the public.  In either case, the problem was quickly remedied, though “some users are still reporting difficulty logging in.”

Find My iPhone’s status is listed as “normal” on Apple’s System Status page.  Those still having trouble with the app should have the issue resolved in due time.  Apple does not make a habit of releasing glitchy app updates;  yesterday’s error was a rare instance.