First Amazon Go Store opens in Seattle.

Amazon Go is Amazons latest effort to make shopping a more enjoyable experience. Typical grocery shopping on Amazon has become a lot more mainstream and people are beginning to use Prime to order everything available.

Amazon Go is a store that promises no lines, no waiting and no checkouts. This also means no real human interaction. You go in to get what you need and you leave. The store works by customers having the Amazon Go app which has a QR code that you scan on a gate when you walk in. The gate reads the code and allows you entry to the store. From then customers are being scanned by what Amazon calls ‘Sensor Fusion’, ‘Computer Vision’ and ‘Deep Learning Algorithms’ to gather information about what each person has picked up and bought. Amazon claim that the technology used is very similar to that of a self-driving car.

The idea was first made public by Amazon around this time last year. Many people have tried it out and seen it in Beta but this week marks the first time an Amazon Go Store will be open to the public. CNBC has said that this new idea could be a ‘game changer for the grocery and retail industry’. They are completely correct, as technology grows human contact becomes more and more alien each day. The rush to get things done quickly is also very important now and Amazon Go promises ease, speed and no checkouts meaning no interaction with anyone else.

Amazon as a company becomes increasingly powerful and has an impact on various peoples everyday life. This store could change and revolutionise the way we shop, however it could also decrease our value of money and what we buy.

Many more Amazon Go Stores may be appearing in the US and hopefully across the world sooner than we think.

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