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The first Apple Park Drone video captures new and unseen footage

This year’s first drone video of Apple Park comes from videographer Duncan Sinfield who has managed to capture a three minute video that includes shots of Apple Park’s central courtyard, the employee fitness centre and basketball courts, the Steve Jobs Theater and more.

Apple Park’s courtyard is nearing completion but greenery covers most of the space and surrounds the main water feature. Most of the latest drone videos of the space have focused on landscaping, such as the one shared by Matthew Roberts last month.

The video also gives us a brief glimpse of the Steve Jobs Theater and the Visitor Center, capturing views of the main atrium and the outside terrace dining areas. The piece of land between the Theater and the main building is still undergoing construction, as we can see by equipment and vehicles inside of a red fence.

Despite small elements that are yet to be constructed, Apple employees have already moved into the Park and the Visitor Center was officially opened to the public in November. Next month will be one year since the building was christened “Apple Park” and at this time it was explained that it would take more than six months to move the 12,000 employees to the site.

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