First Ever Bicycle iPhone Charger

For all the die hard bike riders out there, has reported something that is a definite game changer. The days of biking around the city or  town only to have to stop and find an outlet to charge your iPhone are over. You may ask, what fine people have solved this issue? Well, the outstanding folks over at Grace Digital inc. have developed a new iPhone charger for their line of products called ECOXGEAR. Your need for speed on your bike will now feed energy to your iPhone as well as burn some calories.


If it isn’t amazing enough that the charger works off of your own leg power, it also doubles as a headlight for your bike. In addition to the LED headlight, the back of the device has a red back-light to help driver’s see you at night. The ECOXPOWER will have a universal mount to assure that it fits all bicycles. It will run you $99, and for those of you who ride daily, that is a decent price point. For those reader’s who may be wondering: yes, this charger is compatible with micro USB devices as well. This means you can head out on a long distance bike trip and not have to worry about powering your iPhone or GPS device.

In summary, for $99 you get the ability to charge your iPhone or micro USB device for as long as you can pedal. Included in the kit is a handlebar mounted case that is waterproof, in order to avoid bad weather or the occasional puddle. Also thrown in there is a handy on/off switch that attaches to your handlebars.  A $99 well spent in my book for anyone who spends most of their time on two wheels, but that’s up to you. 

For the full technical specifications check out this link.

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