First look at the 150+ new emoji coming later this year

On Wednesday, the Unicode Consortium finally revealed the finalised list of the 157 new emoji coming later this year in a blog post. This is the first time iOS users have some insight into the new characters they will have access to in just a few months.

Apple’s choice of emoji has often been criticised in the media, with suggestions that they favour particular appearances. The new update will allow users to choose from a variety of hairstyles for the man and woman emoji, including, curly hair, red hair and no hair! Apple will also be introducing a new superhero and supervillain emoji, for which again you can choose gender and skin tones.

The new introductions will bring the total emoji count up to 2,832 and the update will bring reversible emoji for the first time. A whole host of exciting new emoji are being introduced, including redheads, hot face, cold face, partying face, woozy face, infinity, toilet paper, foot, with different skin tone options, shoes, microbe and a receipt. They are also introducing a range of new animals, including a llama, a hippo, a swan and a lobster, and more food, including a cupcake, a bagel, salt and even a mooncake!

If you still think Apple is missing something vital, you can submit an emoji proposal. To ensure your suggestion will be considered, you need to provide the right information, including a name, images, a license and number of selection factors. Unicode provides a useful guide.

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