FNote – Easy Note-Taking for iOS 7

imageI’m all about easy. Because of that, I’m in love with productivity apps. These always feel like they’re designed with me in mind. I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

I’m writing this review on the iPhone app FNotes on the app itself. Its tagline is “New style notes with its minimalist design.” It’s as promised – very minimalist. The design will look great with the minimalist look of iOS 7.

Six different color and font themes are promised on the website, and it delivers. Not only is the developer promising a new version soon with bug fixes as well as integration with Evernote and Simplenote, he’s also on top of some bug fixes right away. When I initially found that the App Store had an older version available, he set to work fixing this and updating with the new version immediately.

If there were one thing that would complete the app along with the integration with other apps, it would be the option to type in landscape mode. That’s what’s missing here. All notes must be typed on the iPhone in portrait, typed with one finger instead of the easier two-thumb method.

Regardless, the app as it stands is definitely an easy way to take notes and would make a great addition to your productivity apps. It will match iOS 7 well once it’s released next month.

Benjamin Kerry
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