Footwear brand Asics can use a microwave to create custom soles

When it comes to high tech sneakers, over the past year we’ve had self-lacing Nikes and 3D printed midsoles from Adidas and now Asics are bringing us a brand new take on the manufacturing process.

This new technique was developed alongside Taiwan’s Tayin Research & Development Co., Ltd., and promises a sustainable solution to shoemaking alongside customization. According to Asics, the technique utilizes heat generated by microwaves that fuse the materials together to create the shoe’s midsole.

As its still in its testing phase, the video below shows only a sneak preview of the technology at the moment but if all goes according to plan it is expected to roll out to the point of sale.

After that, the company is hoping to bring the production microwaves to stores so that customers can actually select their own custom design. This shoe-cooking process will only take 15 seconds to complete, which could significantly reduce the amount of time you spend browsing for shoes. It is also a lot shorter than the 3D printing process that a lot of companies are exploring AND it cuts energy consumption down by almost 90%.

Other than the video, the company haven’t offered any further information yet but they have said that they will be bringing the technology to “select footwear ranges in the future.” Much like 3D printing, however, we’re expecting it to remain a novelty – in the short-term, at least.

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