Ford Launch New e-Bikes at MWC

Ford e-Bikes

Motoring giant Ford has used the Mobile World Congress to launch new electric bicycles. Ford is one of a number of automotive companies working on new smart transportation systems. The company is developing two bikes – one for commuters and another for couriers. They will work in conjuction with a smartphone app providing navigation.

Ford Research and Advanced Engineering vice president Ken Washington said: “There are so many ways to get around a city, but what is really needed is a way to connect all of these transport options together”, saying that “being able to seamlessly move” between vehicles and react to “changing traffic situations” would provide a boost not only for commuters but those delivering goods for commercial and public sector organisations.

The MoDe: Me bike has been developed in collaboration with bicycle company Dahon. Studies have found that lengthy commutes and traffic problems can have a significant effect on anxiety, happiness and well-being. The bikes can be folded and will reach speeds up up to 25km/h. If a vehicle is overtaking, handlebars will be vibrated and can also be lit in order to alert motorists to the bikes. The app providing step-by-step navigation is currently available on the iPhone 6.

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