Forget the Apple Wireless, How About a Beer Can Keyboard?

Those of us who are quick and/or touch typists can't stand the built-in keyboard on the iPad. It just isn't natural to type like that. We've all found various solutions, such as the Apple Wireless keyboard, keyboard cases, and styluses. Here's another solution … a fully functional beer can keyboard.

That's right. A beer can keyboard. This crafty invention is made entirely out of Staropramen beer cans. Assumably they're empty, as that's where all the fun would be, right? You wouldn't want to have a keyboard with full beer cans, as by the end of your essay, all the keys wouldn't be working, as there would be a few empties.

As part of the 2012 Webstock contest, the keyboard was created with forty beer cans (again, that's where the fun is), connected to an Arduino-powered touch controller. While it is said to be universal, this was attached to a Raspberry Pi that in turn controlled a television display.

For an iPad, there would have to be some extra configuration in it to make it wireless, so as long as we're recreating, we could use a different beer. You could use your favorite; it doesn't have to be a certain brand, unless the size of can was important to the technology of it all. However, after drinking forty beers, I'm not sure my typing skills would hold up.

It certainly beats building a pyramid, doesn't it?

Photo Credit: RoboFun


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