Former Apple Man Sent to Prison


A former Apple boss has been sentenced to a year in jail after selling information about the tech giant to its suppliers. Paul Shin Devine has also been told to repay $4.5 million of the money he made by providing them with the details.

Companies providing components for Apple paid Devine for information about Apple’s products and practices in order to negotiate better deals with the company. Devine pleaded guilty three years ago but has only just been sentenced. The charges related to wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. He was the company’s global supply manager for half a decade before he was first arrested in 2010. It’s thought that he began his activities 2007 after agreeing to send information regarding pricing targets, product specs and forecasts to companies without authority from Apple. Some of the payments he received were determined by the significance of the deals the companies agreed with Apple.

Devine used a company he had called CPK Engineering in order to launder the money. He was exposed after e-mails sent by him were leaked.

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