FPS “Gun Ballet” Lovely Planet Heading to PS4 This Spring

FPS “Gun Ballet” Lovely Planet Heading to PS4 This Spring

It’s a friendly and cute game… until you actually start playing it. That’s the general idea behind Lovely Planet, a “first-person shooter gun ballet” just announced for a Spring release on PlayStation 4.

Introducing his company’s peculiar game on the official PlayStation blog, publisher tinyBuild’s CEO Alex Nichiporchik explains that, while the playing environment “may look lovely, with a colorful palette of bright, abstract shapes and sounds”, the challenge will soon set in…

In fact, it’s a “back-to-basics” shooter, shorn of any “fancy medpacks”, “regenerating health” or “gritty realism”. Nichiporchik further declares that Lovely Planet is “easily one of the trippiest first-person shooters you’ve ever played”.

Though Nichiporchik has stopped short of saying exactly when Lovely Planet will get its PS4 release, the official tinyBuild Twitter account specifies “next week”. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay trailer above. Indulge in the cutesy – at least for the time being…

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