Francis Ford Coppola Wants To Make An Apocalypse Now Video Game

Francis Ford Coppola, the director behind the classic war movie Apocalypse Now, is currently working with a team of game designers to help re-imagine the movie as a video game. The project has been brought to Kickstarter to help raise the funds necessary.

Other sources will partly finance the game, but the project is also asking for $900,000 from crowdfunding by the end of February. The Kickstarter states that this is to retain the freedom and creative integrity of the project.

“We want your help because the traditional game publisher system won’t let this happen” states the project page.

The game itself is labelled a ‘psychedelic horror RPG’ that claims to be working with some of the key players behind some of the most beloved Western RPGs in recent history, such as Fallout: New Vegas, The Witcher, Far Cry and much more.

The idea of an RPG centered on an unpopular war seems interesting, but the decision to create a video game out of Apocalypse Now comes as somewhat of a surprise, considering the movie itself is nearly 40 years old at this point.

Apocalypse Now has already inspired game developers, with the chilling Spec Ops: The Line citing a direct inspiration from the movie as well as Heart of Darkness, the novella that the movie was based around.

The project still has 29 days to reach its goal and stretch goals, so if you’re a fan of the film, or just think the game sounds awesome, you can still donate to the cause.

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