3 Surprising iOS games to try out Apple’s App Store gets updated every day with dozens of new apps and that means an ever-expanding treasure trove of great experiences to dig into. Some apps you will enjoy for a day or two, and some you might even enjoy for months!


Our goal in this article is to provide you with a short list of fun apps that will keep you occupied and entertained for as long as possible. There will both be free and paid apps on this list to also cater to mobile gamers with a budget available. Ready to get started?

Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a dystopian indie game developed and released by Lucas Pope in 2013 for Windows and OS X. So, by no means is this a new game, but what is new is its long-awaited availability on iPhone here in 2022 after having been available on the iPad for several years. With Apple’s iPhone 14 reportedly coming soon, this couldn’t be better timing.

In this game, you play as a border patrol officer in the fictional country of Arstotzka. It is your job to make sure the entrants’ documents are valid and in order before you let them across the border. During the game, the document requirements will increase, many different events will happen, and based on how you choose to act, you will get different endings – giving the game plenty of replayability.

Papers, Please is a paid app available on the App Store.

Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem 

If you’re more into old-school types of games on your phone, maybe Poker is just what you need. Poker is a simple game to get into and it doesn’t require a lot of time to finish a round – making it a great time-killer when you’re commuting to or from work, for example.

Zynga, one of the most accomplished and popular mobile game developers, has its own Texas Holdem app for iOS. It is free to use, and you can play with your friends or millions of players from across the world making it one of the most engaging online games available on an iPhone.

In the same vein as Texas Holdem, there are also plenty of apps for Blackjack & Baccarat if that is more your style.


If you’ve ever played Candy Crush Saga, then you know how addicting that game can be. Its premise is simple: match pieces of candy of matching color. The more you match, the better combos you get. Gardenscapes is a game that has taken this formula and done a little extra with it. 

You play match rounds of varying difficulty, and for each round you complete, you earn a star. You then use these stars to renovate an amazing house with a beautiful garden. In this sense, it feels much more rewarding to complete a level, as there is an extra layer of progression.

Gardenscapes is a free app for iOS.

We’ve covered three apps in this article that you probably will find enjoyable – there is a little something for every taste. A dystopian indie game, a classic card game, and a more contemporary form of a match mobile game. The only paid app here is Papers, Please, the others you can freely download and play from the get-go. 

Before you download anything, however, make sure to read and understand the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions so you always make sure to remain within the set guidelines and so you know what you agree to. We hope you’ll get many hours out of these games, enjoy!

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