Fun website allows you to design your own iPhone

You can now design your own iPhone, thanks to a new tool developed by Neal Agarwal.

The new interactive website allows consumers to design their own iPhone, dragging and dropping elements such as notches, Lighting ports, and camera rigs to create weird and wonderful iPhones.

You can keep it simple with notches and pill-holes, or create something really unusual such as an HDMI port on an iPhone, or adding a classic iPod click wheel for fun. You can even add elements such as joysticks, Pro Display XDR stands, and Mac Pro handles to see how your iPhone could look. It’s a very clever, albeit silly, tool from the developer and users will have lots of fun with it.

Once you’ve created your iPhone, you can save it as an animated video – in the corner of the screen, Tim Cook will say “these are the best iPhones we’ve ever created.”

Make your own iPhone design? Be sure to tag us on Twitter with your creations! 

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