Future iPhone could eject water like Apple Watch Apple's working on new technology to make devices waterproof.

Apple could introduce a new water ejection system on the iPhone, according to a patent.

Right now, Apple uses a unique method on the Apple Watch that uses the speakers to push out water from device internals, and it appears that the company is experimenting with this feature on iPhones and other products. Apple is also looking into how it can use heat to evaporate moisture, suggesting the company wants to further improve its water resistance.

In one of three new US Patents, Apple says that “Systems for increased drying of the speaker and sensor components that are exposed to moisture. Cameras, GPS etc] functions suffer when the portable electronic device is exposed to moisture. Accordingly, there is a need to expedite the removal of the moisture within the internal cavities of the portable electronic device in order to quickly resume performing these user functions.”

In another patent, Apple wants to use a gel lid which will cover part of a device, deploying electrodes around it. This will allow the company to measure “a dielectric permittivity between at least two of the plurality of electrodes” which will register if there’s water present, and then use heat generation to eliminate the water.

Are you excited about these patents? How do you think Apple could improve water resistance on its devices? Let us know your thoughts and check back soon for more.

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