Gaming iMac and MacBook could launch in 2020, according to reports

Apple could launch a MacBook and iMac dedicated to gaming in 2020, according to new reports.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has suggested that the Cupertino company is planning to introduce a new MacBook at next year’s Worldwide Developers Conference targeted towards gamers, offering high-end gaming specs for modern PC and online titles.

Though the report lacked much detail, it did suggest that Apple was planning to launch both a new MacBook and iMac that was designed primarily for gaming, costing up to $5,000.

The new MacBook and iMac models would reportedly be pushing towards esports, the growing trend towards competitive video game playing, allowing Apple to expand into a new market and build upon the success it’s had with the launch of Apple Arcade this year.

It’s important to note that the Economic Daily News isn’t the most reliable of sources. 

Though the publication has managed to correctly predict several new products, it has had some misses, too, so this news (however exciting it may be!) should be taken with a pinch of salt until other insiders share information on a new Apple-branded gaming computer.

Apple fans have been hoping for an Apple-branded gaming computer for many years.

Though the company’s more recent machines are more capable than before, and the rise of online gaming and platforms such as Steam have made it easier for developers to create cross-platform games, macOS still lacks behind Windows when it comes to PC gaming titles.

As Apple looks to tap into new markets and expand its revenue streams, capturing the attention of lucrative gamers could be a way for the company to diversify its PC and MacBook arms and sell more machines in an increasingly competitive market, where many consumers build their own gaming PCs or rely on high-end gaming laptops from Razer. 

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