Gemini: A New AI Assistant Upgrade for iPhone Users Google has introduced Gemini, its latest AI technology, now accessible through the iOS Google app, promising enhanced capabilities and replacing the earlier Bard initiative.

Google’s journey in developing AI assistant technology has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of Gemini, now available on the iPhone through the iOS Google app.

Initially launched as Bard, Google’s AI assistant faced challenges in gaining traction, but has since undergone substantial improvements and rebranding. Now known as Gemini, this new iteration aims to provide users with direct access to Google’s most advanced AI models.

According to Google’s announcement, Gemini signifies a major advancement in the company’s AI offerings. “Our mission with Bard has always been to give you direct access to our AI models, and Gemini represents our most capable family of models,” Google stated. The rebranding to Gemini underscores the evolution of Google’s AI technology, emphasizing its enhanced capabilities and user experience.

However, Google didn’t stop with just introducing Gemini. A premium version, dubbed Gemini Advanced, has also been launched. While the standard Gemini utilizes the Pro 1.0 model, suitable for everyday tasks, Gemini Advanced operates on a more powerful Ultra 1.0 model. This premium version is available for $20 per month as part of the Google One AI Premium Plan, offering more sophisticated features including integration into Gmail, Docs, and other services in the future.

Google highlights that both versions of Gemini represent a significant improvement over the previous Bard app, particularly in their ability to remember context.

Google Gemini | Image: MobileSyrup

This improvement facilitates longer and more complex interactions, allowing users to engage in extended conversations or execute a series of commands more effectively. Gemini Advanced, in particular, is designed to serve as a personal tutor, providing quizzes and step-by-step guidance.

Despite being at an early stage, with Gemini Advanced being labeled as a 1.0 release, Google is committed to incorporating ongoing advancements in AI technology. The company plans to continue enhancing Gemini’s features and capabilities based on the latest AI developments.

Gemini Advanced is currently being introduced to users across more than 150 countries and territories in English, with plans to extend support to additional languages in the future. Although no specific timeline has been provided for this expansion, Google’s commitment to broadening access indicates a long-term strategy for Gemini’s global adoption.

Users interested in experiencing Gemini can do so by downloading or updating the iOS Google app, which requires iOS 15.0 or later. This launch comes at a time when competition in the AI assistant space is intensifying, particularly with Microsoft’s Bing having previously outperformed Google’s Bard.

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With the early 2024 launch of Gemini, Google is positioning itself as a competitor to Apple’s anticipated announcements for iOS 18 and Siri, signaling a new chapter in the evolution of AI assistants.

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