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Get your hands on these Retro Nintendo Switch NES Joy-Cons

It was in 1985 that Nintendo revolutionized the gaming industry by releasing their Nintendo Entertainment System or as many know it, the NES. Now, Design Colorware are bringing an element of nostalgia to the new Switch console with their retro Joy-Con Classic controllers.

With these, you can turn your black Switch into a retro machine. The wireless controllers come with integrated accelerometers, gyro sensors and buttons to give an “immersive gaming experience.” Plus, the woven wrist straps will keep them firmly in your hands.

They may be pricey, at $200 for the pair, but the controllers are available for a limited time only, with the first 25 having a number of authenticity. Get a hold of a pair today on the Design Colorware website.

For fans of retro gaming, the company have also created a Playstation 4 Pro that looks a lot like the Playstation that was released in 1994.

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