Get iPad Protection in a Fun Little Package

Ive been scouring the Internet for a new fun little cover for my iPad HD, since I kind of lost interest in mine. And along the way I have seen some pretty interesting and intricate designs. But I never thought I would come across one so wacky and fun loving as the iGuy from Speck Products.

This funny little character shaped case is made from durable foam and will keep your iPad protected, but also offers a layer of hilarious looking fun. The case sports a human element to it, mimicing a short stout little body complete with arms and legs. Your iPad takes the place of the little guy’s visage and will cause the illusion that this case is a walking, breathing iDevice.

It’s cartoony, whimsical, childlike, and something that is easily fun for kids. But it also maintains a quirky sense of modernism, making it a fun little display piece for your iPad in a modern art setting. It gets bonus points, too, for its sleek yet functional design. It protects and entertains all at the same time and works with any model iPad.

You can get your very own iGuy for USD $39.99 from the Speck Products Website. It comes available in four unique colors; Green, Blue, Orange, and Purple. Be sure to give these entertaining little cases a glimpse. Just don’t blame us if you get addicted to opening your favorite  artistry app and can’t stop drawing faces.

Photo Credit: Speck Products

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