Get Your Head in the iCloud with AppleMagazine’s New Issue

Get Your Head in the iCloud with AppleMagazine's New Issue

iCloud. It’s been a key part of the Apple ecosystem since 2011 – yet it still has many useful features that can be too easy for iOS and OS X users to overlook. We at AppleMagazine have opted to do our bit to right that wrong, with a lengthy feature article about iCloud in our new issue released today.

You likely already know that iCloud is on hand for storing data that you have insufficient space to keep locally on your iOS device or Mac. However, you might not have realized that iCloud can smooth your productivity by allowing you to seamlessly start crafting a document on a Mac or PC, continue working on it on an iPad and then add the finishing touches on an iPhone – all without leaving the Pages app!

iCloud is also integral to the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps, making it a potentially huge asset in emergencies. If you aren’t already an AppleMagazine subscriber, you can download our free iOS app to subscribe and pick up our new issue, in which you can read about various other merits of iCloud.

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