GIF Maker for YouTube Videos Launched


A new feature has been added to YouTube, allowing users to create GIFs from some of the service’s videos. The new GIF maker allows YouTube users to take short segments of film and make them play over and over again. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs have been seen on online forums and other places, but this is the first time that YouTube have enabled their users to make them from their videos.

Once a GIF is created, users are given a code to embed it on websites – however, this feature is not available for all videos. You can access the tool by clicking on a video’s share  button and choosing the parts you would like to see in the GIF. The GIFs can be up to six seconds long and users are able to add text to them. The feature hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet, and videos including the promo for Psy’s Gangnam Style don’t offer it.

It’s not yet known whether the feature will be added to all YouTube videos, or whether uploaders will be given the chance to add it to their own clips.

Will you be using the new YouTube GIF maker? Let us know below.

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