Gog.com Brings Classic Gaming To Mac’s OS X

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s knows that it was a time when both computer games and console titles began to take their roots. And even with all of the advancements that developers have made in the recent decade, some of the best games to date are the oldies and originals. Unfortunately though, a lot of great retro games have been out of production and circulation for years.

The folks over at Great Old Games (Gog.com) recognized this issue and for the past four years, they’ve been trying to bring the classics back to Windows PC users. And now they’re broadening their horizons thanks to a little more notoriety and request. Starting now, Mac users who are running OS X can go to the website and purchase hot retro computer games for a more than a reasonable price.

Some of the more popular titles include: Sim City 2000, Might and Magic, Wing Commander, the series of Ultima, and Syndicate. Its not all just DOS-based and retro releases either. There are even newer games like The Witcher 2 and XIII. These games range in price, but most can be had for incredibly low price points. Price obviously depends on age and the complexity of the game, but most of these titles will cost you no more than a traditional application.

Gog.com is growing in popularity and is a great place to fix that retro game itch. And according to the site’s owners, this is just the beginning. There are currently around 50 available titles for Max OS X, but the company is planning on releasing more and more content for Apple fans. Be sure to keep a close eye on the site, which has been known to frequently run sales, and has even released a free game or two in the past.

 Photo Credit: GoG.Com

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