Google and Apple are potential partners for Verizon’s home 5G service


Verizon Communications is in looking to partner with both Apple and Google when they launch home 5G service later this year, according to Bloomberg News.

“Verizon is expected to update to its 5G rollout plans when it reports second-quarter results Tuesday. The phone giant came up short developing its own live online TV service, and a partner could help Verizon deliver on its promise of a robust 5G offering in four cities before the end of the year.”

The communications giant claims the speeds will likely match or exceed current landline connections. YouTube currently offers a YouTube TV streaming package, starting at $40 a month, and while Apple does not have its own TV package yet, they are developing a library of unique content, set to launch imminently. Apple is also likely to offer subscription features for its TV app.

The partnership with Apple or Google is likely to be a way for Verizon to showcase their technology until Verizon is able to launch a video service itself.

“Using new fifth-generation wireless technology, Verizon plans to beam online services to home receivers, delivering speeds that match or exceed landline connections. The company will eventually use 5G to sell consumers internet and online TV packages to compete nationally against cable and landline services from AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp.”

Verizon is hoping to launch 5G networking in four cities by the end of 2018. Negotiations are still ongoing and could still collapse.

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