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Google Glass: Next Best Thing or Creepy?

Other than the usual smartphone and tablet releases, there are two new technological products everyone is waiting for in 2013. They're looking for the Apple iWatch as well as Google Glass. If I had to choose one, though, to place all my excitement onto, I'd choose the Google Glass. Sorry Apple.

Let's face it. Smartwatches have been around for awhile. This is Apple, though, and they're bound to present their iWatch in a an exciting way with unique features and a revolutionary appearance. However, it isn't completely revolutionary, or at least from what we know about it so far.

Yet looking at the Google Glass, there is no way you can call it not revolutionary. It connects you to everything and makes it all available to you without leaving you dependent to a phone in your hand.

Not everyone is so excited though. A Seattle business, 5 Point Cafe, has already put the breaks on and posted on Facebook that Google Glass won't be allowed in the establishment. It's an interesting notation for a product that is still several months away from release.

Dave Meinert, the cafe owner, admits that it was posted as somewhat of a joke as they look for some reaction and warned, “And [butt] kickings will be encouraged for violators.” Yet, 5 Point Cafe is a place for patrons to go for some privacy, so Meinert does admit that is his main reason for outlawing the future device. “We don't let people film other people or take photos unwanted of other people in the bar.”

There's even a list up already of the bad things people could do with Google. This includes stalking people, making and watching porn, and ignoring family at dinner. That's probably just the tip of the iceberg. There are more people who I can think of who shouldn't have this device than people I think of who should have this device. And like guns, they're not only going to fall into the good people's hands.

It definitely carries more of the “coolness” factor than the iWatch, but it's also definitely on the creepy side. It's more exciting, sure, but I won't be getting one. I really don't want to be strapping something like that to my head then go walking around town. Then again, I won't be getting an iWatch either, as everything it will be able to do I can already do on my phone. Everything the Google Glass is expected to do just seems creepy.

Creepy or not, the Google Glass watch is on.


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