Google launches new and improved Santa Tracker

Get in the spirit with the Santa Tracker!

Every year since 2004, Google have launched the Santa Tracker, a website (now app) designed to track the location of everyone’s favourite gift giving fella as each country enters Christmas. Using the power of Google Earth, the simple yet effective app spreads the magic of Christmas to adults and children alike. The app was originally only available on Christmas Eve, but this year Google have increased its availability dramatically. Throughout all of December, you’ll be able to access the Santa Tracker and explore the new and improved winter wonderland of a website.

Tracking around the Christmas tree…

Minigames, quizzes and an educational code cracker for the children are on hand to entertain those frantically counting down to the big day. There’s also lots for children to learn about culturally diverse holidays, too. As Christmas Eve approaches, users of Google Assistant will be able to ask directly the whereabouts of Santa Claus and get regular updates on where in the world is celebrating. If you log onto the app now, you’ll find Santa exactly where you’d expect: in the North Pole, of course!

Elf yourself!

What’s more, this year, you can elf yourself. Use the Elf Maker feature to make yourself into an elf avatar which you can customise your heart’s content. Although this was blatantly done on the back of the Bitmoji popularity, it’s all in good fun. Elf yourself and get snapping!

So if you want to indulge in some extra-festive virtual fun this year, look no further than Google’s new and improved Santa Tracker. Whether it’s to keep your excitable children calm in the crazy build up or for you to sneak five minutes of down time, there are few better ways to throw yourself into the holidays season this year.

Get it on Google Play or visit the website here.