Google Releases Cardboard SDK for iOS VR App Developers

Google Releases Cardboard SDK for iOS VR App Developers

Google is doing its bit to enhance virtual reality experiences on iOS, having today released its Cardboard SDK for the platform. This kit will help developers to make more exciting and immersive apps that are compatible with Google Cardboard, which provides for inexpensive virtual reality experiences.

In a blog post on the Google Developers Blog, the tech giant revealed that all of the features already in the Cardboard SDK for Android have been put into the iOS version. So, iOS developers knowledgeable about OpenGL can speedily make VR apps through use of various development techniques including lens distortion correction, 3D calibration, head tracking and side-by-side rendering.

As the iOS SDK has been made available as a CocoaPod, developers can enjoy easily having access to the most up-to-date code. For example, developers who download the SDK can quickly make use of VR view, a new feature which, with the toolkit and just a few lines of code, can be embedded into apps.

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