Google Releases iOS App for Top-Tier Version of AdWords

Google Releases iOS App for Top-Tier Version of AdWords

Users of Google’s advertising service AdWords can now follow and manage their ad campaigns from their iPhone or iPad, thanks to a free iOS app that has just been launched for the fully-fledged service.

AdWords allows businesses and individuals to monetize their websites through the visual placement of ads likely to interest their sites’ visitors. Though Google has long offered an AdWords app for Android devices, iPhone and iPad owners have previously been limited to the AdWords Express app, which is intended for use with a more stripped-down version of AdWords aimed at small businesses.

The new iOS app, however, allows users to discern the success of their campaigns, manage bids and budgets, get real-time notifications, and more with the full version of AdWords. Google now offers many of its best-known services through the iOS App Store – and it’s just one of many companies surprisingly collaborating with Apple, as the lead article in the new issue of AppleMagazine attests.

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