Has Google Topped the Smartphone Game?

Googles Pixel phone has been a great phone since its initial release in 2016. The Pixel 2 blew the smartphone industry away with the amazing camera. The majority of flagship smartphones at this time had dual-lens systems that had optical zoom and beautiful depth of field features. Google nailed this feature with a single-lens system that achieved amazing portrait images using AI and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence

Being at the top of the artificial intelligence game, Google uses a lot of AI within the Pixels software. The camera capabilities are AI-powered, Google Assistant plays a large role in any of Googles devices. ‘OK Google’ has always seemed to be slightly ahead of Alexa and a lot better than Siri, although Siri is getting better.This was made clear when Google announced Duplex. Google Duplex is an AI assistant who controls your phone calls and speaks to people over the phone in real time using advanced speech capabilities.

Design and Specs

Pixel 3 has a similar design to the Pixel 2 with a two-tone back and a rear-facing fingerprint reader. Pixel 3 supports wireless charging due to its all-glass design. Most of the glass on the rear of the phone is frosted making the phone a lot less slippy compared to the iPhones and Galaxy devices. The new phone features Snapdragon 845, normal for a 2018 smartphone, IP68 certification so it can withstand water to a good extent and has kept the 3.5MM headphone jack with a USB-C port for charging. The downside of the Pixel 3 is the RAM. Pixel 3 only has a small 4GB of RAM which is fine for everyday use. However other flagships such as the OnePlus 6 has 6GB of RAM and the Note 9 rocks a massive 8GB.


The screen of the Pixel 3 XL is something spoke about prior to the release. Most flagship smartphones in 2018 feature a notch with an excellent screen to device ratios. Pixel 3 XL shows off a 6.3 inch 1440×2960 flexible OLED display with a, which is slightly taller than other devices, notch.

The infamous notch contains two front-facing cameras. However, no facial recognition. A large, powerful speaker is also within the notch. This goes with the other larger stereo speaker at in the chin of the phone. Is this really a good 2018 flagship with no facial recognition and a chin? The quality of the front-facing cameras and the stereo speakers almost make up for the lack of screen at the top and bottom of the screen.

Pixel 3 is a top quality device. With more great features compared to the poorer features of the device. Google is top of the industry in regards to AI. This is a massive aspect of smartphones in 2018 which is what will make this phone sell. Would you convert to Google Pixel?


Images Courtesey of Google.

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