Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Making Its Way to iOS and Android

It’s been approximately ten years since Rockstar Games unveiled Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Playstation 2. This open world romp was hailed by some as one of, if not the best, Grand Theft Auto title to hit the market. Colorful characters, amazing landscapes, supreme gameplay and a seedy, intricate storyline helped to propel the game to a variety of top ten lists, and earned it a very favorable spot in the annals of video game history. It was a great title for its era, and a lot of people today still boot up their old systems just to give it one more play through. If only there was a more modernized way to get a Vice City fix.

According to news out of Rockstar Games today, many gamers are going to get their wish. In honor of Grand Theft Auto Vice City’s tenth anniversary, developers are rebooting the iconic open world action blast for iOS and Android. The revamped version will feature “better graphics” (consider that they will just appear clearer, but will not be much better than they were for their era) and a simplistic control scheme that will play well on mobile devices. There will also be a variety of upgrades and unique features, which will differ from the original release. So not only is Rockstar bringing back an incredibly successful classic, they’re also giving it a fresh coat of paint and some new and welcome goodies.

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser spoke exclusively about the upcoming release;

“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City gave players the freedom of a massive open world in one of the most iconic and vibrant settings ever realized in a game. It was a defining moment in the series and we’re delighted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a stunning, updated version for phones and tablets.”

There isn’t any word yet on exactly when Rockstar plans on releasing the title, and we don’t know if it will be available for all mobile outlets when it hits the marketplace, or if it will strike iOS or Android first. We do know, however, that October 29th marks exactly ten years to the date from the release of the original Vice City. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear any information regarding the upcoming title!

Photo Credit: Rockstar

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