Great Games to Play on a MacBook

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A MacBook really excels as a productivity device, but nobody is all work-work-work. If you have a MacBook, you will sometimes want a good way to relax and de-stress, and playing a game on your notebook computer can be precisely that. Here is a list of highly-regarded games that you can buy and download for enjoying on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Tomb Raider

The advances of technology mean that both the legendary female Indiana Jones herself, Lara Croft, and the organic world that she explores both look probably more sumptuous than ever. However, there’s no mere eye candy here, as there’s a thoroughly fun adventure game to enjoy.

Grid 2: Reloaded Edition

This is certainly one to go for if enjoying an adrenaline-fuelled race in a gorgeous car is your thing. The handling is realistic for racing fans, but also accessible for beginners, while the AI is intelligent enough to be challenging, but also imperfect enough to give the racing an authentic feel.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

This turn-based strategy game, one of many in the long-running Civilization series, has a bit of a sci-fi flavor. You can enjoy colonizing an alien world while attempting to eliminate the colonies of your rivals. Be warned: you might just find this game more addictive than chocolate.

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