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Green Apple: Environment a Key Priority

Eco-Friendly Initiatives from Tech Giant

With consumers increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and the threat of global warming rising, Apple is flying the flag for sustainability in the technology sector, announcing partnerships with manufacturing suppliers committed to renewable energy. This week, we’re exploring Apple’s stance, and what more tech firms can do to create a greener world… 

Green Partners

“To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves,” Apple claims on its website. It’s a bold move, putting the company personally responsible for its environmental impact, and for a technology firm, it’s an unprecedented attitude to have. Indeed, you only need to turn on the news or watch a David Attenborough documentary, like the Netflix series Our Planet, to gain an understanding of the devastating impact our actions are having on the planet, or how our technology is playing a vital role. In an increasingly consumerist society where having the latest iPhone can serve as a status symbol, manufacturers are having to extract more and more natural resources from the ground – and there’s a finite amount we can take before we are left with nothing. For a technology firm that produces hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads a year, Apple has made it clear: it knows it can do more and is working hard to do so […]

Read the full article this week at AppleMagazine #390.

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